Recruitment & Selection

Attracting the right candidate at the right price.

Where will you advertise your next vacancy?

Your website
Your website
Advertising your vacancies on your website will attract candidates to your Brand, but you need to make sure people will know you are advertising.
Newspaper/other media
For local recruitment this could be your best option, attracting candidates who are interested in your company and your vacancy.
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are excellent ways to attract your candidates.
Job boards/sites
Reach the target population immediately, search CVs from databases, and set up pre-selection criteria.
Word of Mouth
Text/desription or facts here

We can manage your recruitment and selection process across all of these recruitment methods, saving you time in sifting and searching for your candidates and providing you with a shortlist of candidates.

We do not charge you a percentage of salary, we operate on a fee-earning basis and charge our clients for the hours we work for them plus the direct costs such as advertisement fees.

Newspaper/other media
Social Media
Job boards/Advertise on job sites
Or Through

If you know where your right candidate will be looking to find you, let us attract them to you. We can:

Place your ad in your chosen media
Search job sites on your behalf
Use linked in profile groups for recruitment
Write your advert specific to your job description/role profile, we can write these for you too...

Selection - The more sophisticated the selection methods the higher the validity and predictability of performance in the job, We can:

Sift your candidates and present you with a short list of candidates
Telephone or ftf interview your candidates against your selection criteria (competency or structured interviews)
Design your selection criteria matrix against your selection methods
Combine a range of assessment activities to suit your selection criteria

For more info on assessment centres, click here

Q: What success rate do non structured interviews have in finding the right candidate for the job?

A: Non structured interviews are expected to have a validity of 0.15. Increase the validity of your interviews by using competency based interviews.
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