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Welcome to Mad About People

Welcome and thanks for visiting Mad About People. We are an HR Consultancy focusing on recruitment and selection, learning and development and HR consultancy projects for businesses. We are based in Kent and cover London, South East and the Surrey and Essex counties.

Our Purpose

We are passionate about people and their contribution to your business. We are excited about creating people solutions for your business.

Our values

We are all HR & L & D professionals working towards our professional body’s code of conduct.

Ethical Practices As an ethical business, we will not provide a solution that we do not think is right for your business
Fair Behaviour We treat everybody as we would like to be treated ourselves – with fair and ethical behaviour and with respect and integrity in all our dealings with clients, partners and employees. Our remaining values come from our personal mindset about how we want to do business
Unique Every client will have their own solution and tailored services – we don’t think that ‘off-the-shelf’ is right for what we are about
Passionate We are passionate about people because we believe that people can be an asset, but we are also commercially focused – we know the business constraints in today’s economy and will always offer you the most affordable solution for your business

Providing people solutions makes financial sense - that small investment can create huge return on investment through:

Motivated, engaged and productive employees who want to work with you as an employer of choice.
Excellent customer/client satisfaction your clients and customers provide you with repeat business based on the service they receive from your business and the people you employ
Competitive advantage your competitors envy your client relations and would love to employ your people
High retention of your best people and the ability to attract the best people in the market place to work for you.

View our menu of solutions, which will be tailored specifically to your needs:

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